Bonus MP3: Sunnybrook -- "Willow Whale"

Less than a month after spending his day in the Internet sun, earning adoring raves from the likes of Gorilla Vs. Bear and Pitchfork, it's been announced that the Denton-based project Sunnybrook has been signed to the Lefse Records label--which, for those of you playing at home, is indeed the same label behind Neon Indian's upcoming release.

Lefse announced the signing on its blog on Friday afternoon, proudly announcing Sunnybrook as "our second act from Denton, TX," and allowing that Paul North, the man behind the moniker, is aiming for an early 2010 release for his debut. But the label also went one step farther, offering audiences a free download of a new Sunnybrook track, "Willow Whale."

Stream and download the track after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Sunnybrook -- "Willow Whale"

Sunnybrook -- "Willow Whale"

More ethereal, layered, lo-fi folktronica--albeit less poppy than the other songs we've from the promising young act. Earlier this month, prior to the announcement of the signing, the label hinted at the possibility of releasing Sunnybrook's debut when it included this track in a summer comilation album it offered up to its fans as a free download. Now, the deal is a go.

But, seriously, I gotta ask at this point: What's with the North family and whales?

Honestly. It's a fair question.

(Hat tip.)

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