Bonus MP3s: Two Unreleased Cover Tracks From I Love Math

The I Love Math CD release party held at The Barley House last night was more like a CD get-together--which was perfectly OK. Nice, even.

It was a relaxed, somewhat drunken affair as people kibbutzed over the sounds of the band's yesterday-released disc, Getting To The Point Is Beside It.

Three of the band's members--John Dufilho, Andy Lester and Philip Peeples--were there (bass player Jason Garner's off in Europe with his other band, The Paper Chase), and they were joined at the bar by Robert Jenkins of the band's Summer Break Records label, producer/engineer Salim Nourallah, members of The Crash That Took Me and various other music types and fans.

You can read our actual review of the disc in next week's paper. But, in the meantime, here's two recorded-but-not-on-this-disc covers from the I Love Math crew:

Bonus mp3:

I Love Math -- "I Remember When I Loved Her (The Zombies cover)"

Bonus mp3:

I Love Math -- "A Good Flying Bird (Guided By Voices cover)"

The band heads out on tour with the Old 97's on Monday--and it's gonna be a helluva busy trip for Peeples in particular, as he's the drummer for both outfits. --Pete Freedman

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