The Industry

Can Josey Records Become Dallas' Iconic Record Store?

The space is huge. And the clean black-and-whites, slick concrete floor, and pristine aesthetic make it seem even larger. For reference: It's not inconceivable that a shout or frisbee might fail to bridge the room wall-to-wall. It smells like fresh woodwork and feels, only in the very best sense, like a museum or some other high-end gallery. Row after row of record racks line the interior, and the mammoth walls are fresh with painted artwork. Even in mid-construction, everything in the soon-to-open Josey Records sits just so; from modern leather chairs to hand-etched coffee tables, design is no afterthought in this place. I've visited record stores the nation over, and still this yet-unfinished shop might be the most gorgeous I've ever seen.

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Jonathan Patrick