Collect All 10: Some of Your Favorite Denton Musicians In Stat Form

They make our drinks, run our sound, teach our kids, ring us up for our takeout, serve our coffee and share bills with international rock stars. They are the face of the Denton music scene and the reason why our town gets written about. Here's a small sample of our many fine representatives and their stats.

Ryan Thomas Becker Years playing in bands: 15 Favorite moment: Jimmy Smith is the notoriously cranky soundbro at Dan's Silverleaf. He runs great sound (and, of course, Dan's is a fine establishment), but it can take a night or two for you to get the hang of his demeanor. My first encounter with Jimmy was like getting seared in the balls with a brand shaped like Don Rickles. The next time I played Dan's, I commented from the stage on how the stick up Jimmy's ass was in a good mood that night. Everyone in the room went silent for a moment, looked at Jimmy, and then guffawed all at once. We're pals now, but I still get a sense that one day he's gonna run me over when he sees me crossing the street. Instruments played: Guitar, keyboards, drums, mandolin, bass guitar, theremin, bicycle, bell set, voice Current job: Texas Woman's University library Bands: RTB2, Hares on the Mountain, The Satans of Soft Rock, The Treelines, Last Joke Favorite bands I've shared the stage with: Cracker, Grand Champeen, Leatherbag, Johann Wagner, The Hochimen, Slider Pines, Slobberbone, American Werewolf Academy, Little Grizzly, Centro-matic, [daryl], Jetscreamer (at an open mic), THe Backsliders, Chomp Chomp, The Theater Fire, Kickball...

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