When Comet broke up in 1997, the local scene moved on. The band's spacey, shoegazer rock, part of a mid-'90s Dallas movement that included bands like Mazinga Phaser, was all but forgotten by the aughts, and members moved on to other projects, most notably drummer Josh Garza's Secret Machines. Last December, Comet's reunion, with only singer-guitarists Jim and Neil Stone returning, received little fanfare. The return EP, Feathers From the Wing, probably won't get the masses riled up, either, but longtime fans will be happy to hear Comet's return to form. While retaining most of its spacey elements, Comet has softened its approach in the eight-year interim. The only pep in Feathers comes in opening track "Miss the World," whose drone undercurrent and string accompaniment make the catchy track stand out. The rest of the EP sounds like a Bedhead interpretation of My Bloody Valentine, though the slow, feedback-filled songs have a unique twist in the Stone brothers' vocals. Their whispery delivery sounds so eerie you'd swear they used ProTools filter effects. Some songs are content to warble endlessly and repeat simple motifs, particularly the dragging instrumental "Have You Seen the Contrails." But for Comet, atmosphere is the point, and in that respect, shoegaze fans won't be disappointed.
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sam Machkovech