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Dallas' Best Gig Poster Artist Is Displaying His Work

The poster.

It covered our walls as teenagers. It commemorates some of our favorite live performances. High-end artists have elevated that powerful rectangle, but behind every poster is a creative somewhere in the shadows.

But this Saturday, current artist and former emcee Nick Quintero will come out from behind the flyers for his own solo exhibition. If his work seems familiar to you, it's because you have seen his stylish hand-drawn type spelling out the who, what, when, where and sometimes why for Dallas notables like Sober, Tony Schwa and Fishr Pryce.

I checked in with Quintero about the process of focusing on his own work versus the music media we are used to seeing from him. "Doing my own show was something I've wanted to do for a while. Designing posters and tees for other artists can involve a lot of direction that can distort my vision. I definitely enjoy the collaboration but I really wanted to do something from my own point of view."

Whiskey, Women, Weathered, will feature Quintero's point of view in the form of hand-drawn type, pyrography, and screen printing at new Elm Street space Capital L Art Gallery. Capital L is a fitting multi-media space already making waves as it finds its niche in the Dallas scene. At Capital L in a week you may find a cypher battle, a DJ night or an exhibition opening, so it's a fitting home for an artist like Quintero whose work is not easily categorized by medium or execution.

In fact, to shake things up a little more, Quintero is bringing in tattoo artist Jim E. Haynes to ink up your skin with pieces from Quintero's flash collection. This unique addition will be Saturday only and spots are still available, so come and take your art collection to the next level with a permanent piece.

Feel free to bring your own whiskey and women to join in on the fun. Festivities start at 6 p.m. at Capital L Art Gallery at 2538 Elm St. And if you are so generous to share with the artist, he tells me his favorite whiskey ... is whiskey. And his favorite woman ... is pizza.

I think we can all relate to that.

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