Dia De Los Toadies III

You have to hand it to The Toadies for their ability to capitalize on a 16-year-old record. None of their other efforts have aged as well as Rubberneck, but they've managed to maintain a strong fanbase—strong enough, at least, to draw about 5000 diehards to a remote location in Texas during the hottest month of summer for a concert.

But it's not just any concert: This is Dia De Los Toadies, and this weekend at Whitewater On The Horseshoe in New Braunfels marks the third year of the sweat-drenched rock 'n' roll festival.

This year's bill isn't necessarily the strongest yet. Last year's heavy hitters, The Secret Machines and Bowling For Soup, will be missed. But where the festival lacks in headlining bands, it makes up for it in numbers. See, there are twice the number of bands on the this year's bill than either of the two previous years. Joining the Toadies for this go 'round are Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, Heartless Bastards, Centro-matic, Sleepercar, Girl in a Coma, Two Tons of Steel, Bright Light Social Hour, Descender and Here Holy Spain. And to top it off, the Toadies have added a campfire-style acoustic performance on Friday night, which leads into Saturday's full-blown rock show featuring its Texas-only lineup.

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