Fair To Midland Drummer Brett Stowers is Now a College Student and Expert Home Chef

Brett Stowers played for Fair To Midland for 10 insane years. He was part of brilliant, hair-raising shows full of frenetic energy and, at times, stuntman-level acrobatics, records that combined metal, prog and art in a way that eventually caught the attention of big labels first, and later Serjical Strike Records (owned by System of a Down's Serj Tankian) and a hell of a lot of near-indescribable rock and roll memories.

Then, Stowers stopped and went home. He jumped back in to Texas A&M Commerce, and, picking up more or less where he left off right before joining FTM, started back studying for his degree in computer science. When he's not hitting the books, he's supporting a tall stack of friends' local bands, and becoming a hell of an artist in his kitchen and behind his smoker grill out in the quiet sticks of Commerce. And because City of Ate shouldn't have all the food porn fun, we plan on sharing some of his photos as well as his not-so-fictitious fables from the days on the road with one of North Texas' most creative and exciting hard rock acts.

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Alan Ayo