Gig Alert: Blood on the Moors, [Doyle] and Brent Springsteen at the Doublewide Tonight

Every year, right around October 1, I start hoping that I will receive some sort of sign, a fantastic message, that the titans of what I like to call "Broadsword Rock" will come together and rock the knights and maidens of the Doublewide. I'm talking, of course, about Blood on the Moors, the best Halloween band (OK, so they rival Nightmare on E Street and Blow Aces for that title, but those bands ain't playin' this year, so BOTM takes it) this side of the mystical bog.

Now, as proven in years past, BOTM is all big hair and disguise, with tongues firmly planted in the cheeks of capable musicians who use fake names. But, thing is, they don't really need to be doing so.

The song "Sensitive Mother" (for example) is a single in and of itself, but I've covered that. Beast-fighting and sword-wielding lyrics aside, the BOTM album (which is comprised of original material and listenable online here) is just as valid in terms rocking out as any "real" band is. Because, let dammit, they're no cover band. They're no tribute band. Blood on the Moors is a real fucking band even if they only play once a year (if we're lucky). And don't we all need a real ass-rocking on a festive Friday night?

So, if you've donned your costume and find yourself needing a bit of knight in shining bandana, get your ass down to the Doublewide tonight at 10 p.m.

[Doyle] opens (and I bet you can guess which Dallas band they're paying homage to), with Brent Springsteen and Blood on the Moors closing out the night.

Cover is five galleons...I mean, bucks.

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Merritt Martin
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