Gig Alert/Bonus MP3: Download Two Balmorhea Songs and Catch the Band Tonight at The Granada

Austin's Balmorhea released its newest full-length, Constellations, back on February 23, and Rob Lowe and Michael Muller, the main songwriters and core duo of band, have strayed little from the desert-rock formula displayed on earlier efforts. And that's not a criticism in the least; Balmorhea's previous album All is Wild, All is Silent, was an interesting mix of Calexico and old-school Pink Floyd.

If anything, Constellations is even more, well, spacey.

Given the instrumentation at play here, it would be tempting to classify Balmorhea as some kind of alt-country creation, but there's a lot more and less going on here than your typical collection of cow punks. Way more meditative than Wilco (even at their weirdest), Balmorhea's muse comes from neo-classical and trance jazz genres.

To help wet the musical whistles of DC9 readers and demonstate the band's unique sound, Balmorhea was kind enough to offer up bonus MP3s of their songs "Night Squall" and "Bowspirit" for download. Check them out after the jump.

Bonus mp3: Balmorhea -- "Night Squall"

Bonus mp3: Balmorhea -- "Bowspirit"

Pretty trippy, huh? Ought to be a mind altering experience tonight at the Granada as the band headlines a nice bill with Doug Burr and Bosque Brown.

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Darryl Smyers
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