Giveaway: A Pair of Tickets to See Leslie & The LY's on Sunday at Hailey's

If we're being perfectly honest here--and I think that's the precedent set here on DC9--then I'll admit that I don't really get

Leslie & the LY's

. I mean, I


it. It's not like there's not too too much to


, is there? It's just boatloads and boatloads of supposedly ironic humor tossed on top of


ironic humor--like

Tim & Eric Awesome Show Good Job

, only, y'know, you don't need cable to see it.

In the right mindset, though, I guess a live performance from Leslie and Co. would be a good time. I just don't think I'm personally up for it this week,on Sunday night, when the band rolls through Denton for a gig at Hailey's.

Maybe you are, though? If so, you're in luck: The folks at Spune Productions have been kind enough to (ironically) give us a pair of tickets to (ironically) give away to one DC9 reader who (ironically) wants to see this show. If that's you, shoot me an email with the words "Like Rain On Your Wedding Day" in the subject line. First person to do so gets into the show for free--even if the thing I asked you to write in the subject line is more an example of coincidence than irony. But whatever.

Update: Contest is over. (Ironic) congrats to our winner.

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