Good Friday: The Nighty Nite's Dallas Debut, and The Rest of This Weekend's Best Shows

This weekend's concert portfolio is strong to quite strong.

Interestingly enough, though, the biggest local show will be happening at one of the area's smallest venues, as John Congleton's new band The Nighty Nite make their Dallas debut at Double Wide on Saturday. They'll be sandwiched between headliner True Widow and opening act Joey Kendall.

If you can't get into that show, you've still got plenty of other options this weekend, starting with the ones we've been talking about all week long.

Tonight, Noah & The Whale and Bahamas will be at Dada in Deep Ellum, and Calhoun, Radiant (full disclosure: I drum in Radiant) and Menkena will be at Oak Cliff's Kessler Theater.

On Saturday, House Of Blues will have Ray Johnston Band, Kirby Brown, Larry Gee and Phoenix Hurt, and the ice-man Vanilla Ice will be at Trees with Weekend Hustler and GalleryCat, which is free if you get there before 9 p.m. Also, the music of the film Winter's Bone will be performed live by The Blackberry Winter Band at The Loft.

Lastly, on Sunday night, Matt & Kim will be at House Of Blues along with The Thermals and Autobot, and indie pioneers Archers Of Loaf will be at The Loft along with The Globes.

Hit the jump for more of this weekend's shows.

Brian McKnight
Friday, June 10, at Verizon Theatre

Brian McKnight was much better as an R&B star than he was on Celebrity Apprentice a few years ago. So, it's probably a good feeling for him to be back on stage. And, seeing as he's been doing this for nearly 20 years now, tonight's show shouldn't disappoint long-time fans.

Dub Assembly
Friday, June 10, at Trees

Some will argue that Dallas' dub scene has overstayed its welcome by about a year or so. And yet the members of Dub Assembly are still riding high. Their regular shows at Trees usually sell out or come close to it. Mostly because it's the perfect place to see them test the limits of the subwoofers.

Mobley, RTB2, Young and Brave
Friday, June 10, at Where House

Fort Worth's DIY venue The Where House doesn't have as many shows as regular, traditional venues. But it's still a good time if the bill is right. On this night, it's got a chance: While headliner Mobley can be hit or miss, RTB2 is always just right.

'80s Retro with John Vella
Saturday, June 11, at Fallout Lounge

It seems like Fallout Lounge is making big efforts to improve its programming, and Saturday night's event is no exception. '80s Retro with DJ John Vella invites Fallout's hipster regulars to embrace a decade that most of them have no recollection of. Doesn't mean they won't have fun, though.

Kenny Rogers
Saturday, June 11, at Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center

Country legend Kenny Rogers makes his way to Dallas tomorrow night. It's still hard not to quote his most famous song "The Gambler" when playing poker. Also, one of the greatest episodes of Seinfeld was inspired by this man, and for that, we should all make our way to the Meyerson on Saturday.

The Wagoneers, Colin Boyd, Pat McKanna
Saturday, June 11, at The Kessler Theater

This is perhaps the most esteemed act performing in Dallas this weekend. The Wagoneers are legends of country music in Texas, and this is their first show in town since 1989. Music critics all over the country have praised the band for decades, and at The Kessler on Sunday night, you'll have a chance to see why.

Blackout (She Wants Revenge DJ Set)
Sunday, June 12, at Lizard Lounge

She Wants Revenge will be be playing at The Loft on Monday night, but if that's not a viable option for your show-going schedule, then head to Lizard Lounge on Sunday night, where band member DJ Adam 12 will spin a set of presumably the same dark Joy Division-inspired New Wave that the band is known for.

...and that's it for us. Have a good weekend, and please leave anything we missed in the comments section. 

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