Good Friday: Will Johnson, Slobberbone, Blackheart Society

Not the busiest weekend of shows around town this time around--which I'm OK with as I'm off to Colorado to visit friends and check out Neon Indian's debut at Monolith on Sunday (and you thought we were done with them for the time being... ha!). But there are some cool shows worth looking into this weekend--and, more good news for me, we've already written about most.

Oh, and of those show's we've already hyped. A reminder:

Tonight, there's the Boys Named Sue CD release show at Sons of Hermann Hall with The King Bucks and the Great Tyrant- and Me-Thinks-led show at Lola's Sixth in Fort Worth.

On Saturday, there's Throw Me The Statues, The Brunettes and Nurses at The Cavern, there's Chairlift up at Hailey's in Denton, the Somebody's Darling CD Release show at The Granada, and, lest we forget, the Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley show at Superpages.com Center.

And, as for Sunday, well... well, I got nothing.

But I do have a few more Friday and Saturday shows worth looking into, so let's jump and talk 'em up a bit, OK? As always, feel free to make suggestions of other shows worth looking into by adding them to our comments.

Will Johnson, Liz Durrett
Friday, Sept. 11, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton

Centro-matic frontman Will Johnson offers Denton audiences the same treat he offered Dallas audiences last night at the Double Wide by performing this solo set at Dan's. Never seen a Johnson solo set? You really should. Not that his voice isn't affecting at the head of Centro-matic, but a setting like this, without the noise around it, really exposes the nooks and crannies of his beautifully strained voice. Highly recommended.

Slobberbone, Sarah Jaffe, Kinky Friedman, others
Saturday, Sept. 12, Friday, Sept. 11, at Smoke in Oak Cliff

The new restaurant at The Belmont Hotel in Oak Cliff gets a celebratory send-off on Saturday Friday in a show booked by The Baptist Generals' Chris Flemmons, the same man who brought us NX35 earlier this year. And a good job on the booking, offering up Slobberbone (always a big draw and good time), Jaffe (always a treat) and, sure, why not, Kinky Friedman.

Stereo is a Lie, Blackheart Society, MoTel Aviv
Saturday, Sept. 12, at The Double Wide

The draw here is actually the send-off/reunion taking place during Blackheart Society's set. Former bass player Joshua Warr is about to take off and begin a new life in the Air Force--and as something of a send-off, his old friends in the band asked him to re-join them for a night and reassembled the band's original (and probably most cohesive) lineup in doing so. A great guy, we wish Warr the best--and you should, too, in person, at this show.

...and that's all I got, really. Be safe and have fun out there.

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