Concert Reviews

Gorilla Vs. Bear Fest IV at Granada Theater, 9/12/14

Gorilla Vs. Bear Fest IV With Panda Bear, SOPHIE, Ejecta, Doss and Blues Control Granada Theater, Dallas Friday, September 12, 2014

The first song I recall falling in love with was "Kokomo," the '88 Beach Boys radio hit. I was four or five and in my mom's car on the way to kindergarten the first time I heard it. It was lovely and strange. I felt immediately different, like I was somewhere else or someone else -- a better but more abstract where and who. The sensation, as vivid as the first moment, remains with me. But I've still yet to unlock what it means to me exactly, though I know I enjoy it. It's either pathos or bliss, I'm not sure which. Like the way very hot water can feel icy cold to the first touch, it's a feeling so intense as to cause confusion.

From child to adult, from music fan to music writer, it's a feeling I've been chasing ever since. A yardstick to measure all other musical sensations against--that indefinable moment where all things felt possible within the space of a single pop song. For some reason, Panda Bear taps into that same feeling more than any other act I've found (save for the Beach Boys themselves, of course, alongside Brian and Dennis' solo material).

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Jonathan Patrick