House of Plates' Endless Summer Puts a Ringer On It

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In Texas, hibernation season has arrived. Our cold tombs of constantly running A/C evolve into sacred spaces during this third act of summer. We need a safe place to toss up the blackout curtains, draw the shades and hideout from the increasing fahrenheit.

Or, you can just embrace it, hydrate, and try to ride this fireball out with summer party after summer party. House of Plates, a Dallas-based blog highlighting food and music around town, chose the latter and threw their Endless Summer party at the Fraternal Order of Eagles yesterday afternoon.

As the day wore on, the grass turned to a patchwork quilt of blankets and beach towels connecting picnic to sunbather to picnic. The FoE at capacity was more comfortable than I imagined, which is good news if you are a part of the crowd. And sure, it makes for longer beer lines, but as the crowd gets cozier, that new beach towel neighbor is more likely to include you in their continuous rounds of jello shots.

An afternoon spent sun-bathing and people-watching would have been enough, but House of Plates took it a step further, organizing the Beats vs. Eats volleyball tournament, and ensuring everyone had a reason to shit-talk a colleague across the net. Your own DC9 crew represented, as well as folks from Indie-Verse, The Kessler, 35 Denton, Central Track, The Granada, Spune and Parade of Flesh. The eats were from restaurants and watering holes The Cedars Social, Mint, Whiskey Cake, The Porch, Neighborhood Services, Charlie Palmer, Private Social and Dish.

The service industry was predictably tan and athletic, and Dish especially put on quite a show in the sand. Your local music media showed up in various states of hangover and preparedness. though none more prepared than Parade of Flesh's John Iskander, who scouted a team of Adonis ringers from Sandbar Cantina to compete on the booking agency's behalf.

Unsurprisingly, Parade of Flesh took home the win, much to the chagrin of other participants. And however unintentional, it also united the communities represented at Endless Summer instead of allowing us to maintain our cliques. Whether thrilled or peeved by the upset, suddenly there was a common conversation and an enemy to rally the teams. An antagonist can do wonders to unite.

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