Meet Spencer Stephenson, The Man Behind Abacus

Dunno how I feel about

these Hipster Runoff-aping posts

, but I will say this: If there's one thing that upstart Denton blog


is good for, it's the site's rock-solid video content, which, yes, we've linked to on more than one occasion in this space. And now, here we go again--but for a good reason, we promise.

The above WDDI interview features Spencer Stephenson, a somewhat reluctant Dentonite it would seem, who plays drums in Sleep Whale and is making plenty of waves on his own with his Pitchfork-approved Abacus project. It's a good interview, too. Stephenson's pretty up front about both his "obvious" (his words) influences and his lofty career hopes.

Thing is, Abacus is pretty awesome. So maybe his goals aren't all that lofty. Anyway, check the clip.

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