Now That They're Both 18, Let's Finally Discuss It: Who's Hotter, Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez?

Earlier this week, we shared with you Selena Gomez's new music video for "A Year With No Rain," a clip that finds the freshly 18-year-old Grand Prairie native touting her new of-age appeal.

Meanwhile, on Sunday night at the Center, Gomez's BFF and fellow Disney Channel-approved starlet Demi Lovato will perform in support of the Jonas Brothers, her co-stars Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, which made its Disney Channel debut last weekend. Oh, and she also just turned the big 1-8.

We mention all this, of course, because it more than begs of us to ask the decidedly creepy question: Now that they're both 18, who's hotter, Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez?

Hey, it's a legitimate question, and one the Internet has been debating for some time now--ever since the two leaked photos of themselves in bikinis, actually, and when even thinking about as much could've led to a Chris Hansen intervention.

Thankfully, though, those days are behind us. So, on that note, hit the jump for a far-too-intensive breakdown of hotness. And, of course, the results.

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Pete Freedman
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