At, Christy greets you with this dreamy pose and then reminds you that he's "living, breathing art and expression." Oh, kiss me, you fool!
At, Christy greets you with this dreamy pose and then reminds you that he's "living, breathing art and expression." Oh, kiss me, you fool!

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Coolest primaries ever: The Dallas Observer Music Awards are coming in May, which means we need to get started with the nominations...uh...right now. Just like last year, you guys get to tell us who you think deserves to make the final DOMA ballot. Go to this link right now to fill out the nomination sheet, and bands, spread the word. Youve only got two weeks to nominate, so dont dilly-dally on the promotional side. Keep checking the music section for updates; in about a month, well announce the final nominees, culled from your nominations along with those of an industry panel.

How darling: We know youve been clamoring for more information about Christy Darlington. After Sarah Hepolas cover story about the local pop-punk weirdo (Refuse to Lose, November 18, 2004), we received all kinds of letters...well, actually, just one, from Christy himself accusing Hepola of trying to make me look as bad as you could. Thing is, Christy, she actually made you look as good as she could, which was impressive in itself.

The hard-workin chord slinger hasnt let up since then, and his latest 18-song album, Sex, saw independent release a month ago. The CD slipped past our radar, but e-mails pimping his new Web site is, without a doubt, the most self-indulgent tripe weve seen from local music in some time. (And for Dallas, thats saying something!) Check out this unedited site intro, conveniently stuck below a photo of the man pouting like hes about to cry:


Christy Darlingotn

I am a solo artist. i do anything i want to, live how i want to, and i make my own rules. i make my own traditions and march to my own beat. A few lines later: i am living, breathing art and expression. i am unique. im a contradiction in terms. i break down all social barriers and walls.

We mustve missed the social commentary of Sexs Girls + Summer = Fun! Still, that posturing alone isnt what makes Darlingtons new site such a head-scratcher; after all, weve seen local artists bitch on MySpace plenty. No, its the couture section that cracks us up the most: A series of teenage girls show off panties with phrases like PROPERTY OF DARLINGTON and SEX written right on their butts. Not gross enough for ya? Visit the used T-shirts section where you can buy shirts that were thrashed and worn by me on tour and thru life. Only $6 each, tax and sweat not included.

On the bright side, Darlington has free MP3s on the site to quell your pop-punk jonesin case your copy of Green Days Kerplunk got scratched, anyway.

Spin me right round: After holding a month-long open call for DJ mixes, we at AAT HQ have lived life at 120 BPM for the past few days while digging through dozens of dance-packed CD-Rs. Rather than suffer glowstick contamination, though, we have since emerged with six finalists for this weekends Dallas Observer DJ Spin Off. The local wax-taculars competing Saturday night at the Lizard Lounge are as follows: DJ Inzo, Shagnasty, Sess, Bazar, DJ Familiar and Kelsey FX. Each DJ gets 20 minutes to impress our panel of judges, and the contestant who wins in all three categories (creativity, technical ability, crowd response) wins a spot at Marchs 2006 Ultra Music Festival in Miami to compete against other regional Spin Off winners. Good luck.

Handstamps: Get off ya feetFinal Friday is rocking the Gypsy Tea Room on Friday with yet another badass local hip-hop lineup. This iteration is spearheaded by Wacos wildly impressive Strange Fruit Project, so get on it...If you didnt get tickets for Fiona Apples gig at the American Airlines Center on Sunday opening for the most boring band ever, its not too late to get some cheap seats. Cant say the same for Sigur Ros Monday stop at Bass Performance Hall, which sold out weeks ago, but die-hards can probably still scalp their way in...The Happy Bullets and the Tah-Dahs are the first bands to play Tower Records new monthly in-store series. Teens who cant normally get into age-restricted venues should really check this out after school on Thursday at 7 p.m...Pleasant Grove and Knife in the Water provide a tasteful one-two sample of Southern gothic sounds at the Cavern on Saturday.

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