Party Hard

Dallas loves it some lady bloggers. And the ladies show their love back, especially this week, when not one but two estrogen-generated events will be foisted upon the masses by two of our fair burg's favorites—namely Kittenpants (aka Darci Ratliff, who has expanded beyond the digital realm into that of, gulp, print) and Boca Tinta (aka Amanda Newman, that tireless champion of all things musically Dallas).

This is one thing you gotta love about the Dallas scene—at its best moments, it's kinda sweet, a little community of like-minded folks, with barbecues and house parties and wingdings. It's all very Texas. Nothing exemplifies this more than the Boca Tinta BBQ, which includes an all-day lineup of 10 musicians, including the lovely voiced Sarah Jaffe, Chris Johnson from Telegraph Canyon, Doug Burr and Millicent Friendly, plus inter-set spinning by the Flashlight Party's Jordon. Four grills (one for vegetarians, even) on which to lay your steak or tofu dog (gotta bring your own food), drink specials and a kid-friendly atmosphere, all on that badass and underused back patio at Dada. Nice, huh?

Then there's the Kittenpants wingding Saturday, April 28, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton, which, in keeping with Kittenpants' tradition of goofball Web antics and gentle sarcasm, stars Andrew W.K. and Corn Mo, both of whom live in their own bizarre world in which the concepts of crazy artifice and genuine wacko slip, slide and finally crash together. You may remember AWK's hit a few years back, a smash-your-face punk anthem called "Party Hard." This is a man who sustained a head injury filming a video and who subsequently partied hard onstage from, uh, a wheelchair. And Corn Mo is, well, sort of Denton's answer to Daniel Johnston.

Now, you know we at the Dallas Observer have your back, and we want to make sure their Web-music-lady origins don't confuse you. After all, you don't want to mix up the whiskey bottle with the baby bottle, no? So, we offer you this handy guide to separate the two—and, of course, we recommend you attend both.


Boca Tinta party: Doors at noon, music at 1 p.m. $3 cover, kids free.

Kittenpants party: Doors at 8 p.m. $12 advance, $15 day of show.


Boca Tinta party: Millicent Friendly, who like to write Beatles-based, gently rockin' songs, heavy on the pop.

Kittenpants party: Andrew W.K., who likes to drink, fuck, rock and make himself bloody.


Boca Tinta party: "You tryin' to tell me/Somethin' with your eyes/All I want to do now/Is lay down and die" —from Sarah Jaffe's "Swelling"

Kittenpants party: "You better get ready to die/You better get ready to kill/You better get ready to run/Because here we come" —from Andrew W.K.'s "Get Ready to Die"


Boca Tinta party: Kids encouraged to come; free sodas and water provided for them.

Kittenpants party: You can bring 'em, but chances are Andrew W.K. will feast on their young flesh.


Boca Tinta party: "It's almost not so much a show as it almost is a community building effort. It's not often we all can get together, that many musicians and fans, and have a really laid-back event. It makes music more approachable; it's not for anything but for fun."

—Amanda Newman

Kittenpants party: "Expect special surprise performances and a general 'Fuck yeah!' atmosphere."

—Darci Ratliff

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Jonanna Widner
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