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Picture Show: The Toadies at The St. Patrick's Day Concert

Yesterday was a banner day for North Texas music nerds. Without doing too much self-horn tooting, the St. Patrick's Day Concert--just outside the parade--presented some completely killer sets from local musicians.

The Toadies headlined of course, which brought a warm-bellied St. Patrick's Day crowd into Energy Square. Here Holy Spain, True Widow, Ishi and Ume supported the Toadies and all were crisp, tight and good. Our contributing photographer Danny Fulgencio spent the day in front of the stage and with the crowd, where he grabbed two full slideshows worth of great shots: the first being is the bands and the second is the fans (forthcoming). Nice, Danny. Real nice.

Of course, tenacious folks with a gas tank could have finished St. Patrick's Parade Day by heading to 35 Conferette for a night headlined by Local Natives. What a thing.

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