Poster of the Week: Beirut at the Prophet Bar on November 1

There are three very specific reasons why this poster designed by former DC9 contributor Lance Lester works so well. And they are? location, location, location.

Let's face it: Even without the text scrawled on that water tower lingering above a brick storefront facade, indicating that this Beirut performance is indeed taking place on November 2 at the Prophet Bar, you could probably surmise the fact that this show is taking place in Deep Ellum.

Dallas has a history of paving paradise and putting up a strip mall and parking lot, but one of the many things that makes Deep Ellum stand out from the Dallas neighborhood clutter is the fact that many of its buildings have not been torn down, just updated -- and only then somewhat. And that fact -- that so many of the neighborhood's original features (brick warehouses, water towers teetering about them) remain -- makes it incredibly identifiable in picture form.

Clearly, that's what Lester was going for on this design. And it scores because of that much.

No, it's not exactly a representation of Zach Condon's European-influenced aesthetic -- instead, it opts for a distinctly American flavor -- but whatever. It still grabs your eye and still gets the job done nicely, while nodding knowingly at some of this event's interesting details.

Think your poster is better? Want to see one of your designs get honored next week? Drop us an e-mail with an image promoting an upcoming show right here. Oh, and, when possible, be sure to do so at least a week in advance of the show. Thanks!

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Pete Freedman
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