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Poster Of The Week: Joe Lally (of Fugazi), True Widow at Bryan Street Tavern

There are two really good reasons why this poster, designed by Stephen Speir and Hillary White for Joe Lally's Parade Of Flesh-promoted November 6, performance at Bryan Street Tavern, topped the list of poster submissions this week. Fugazi, the band Lally played bass in, is awesome, and so is our own True Widow.

But, really, the poster speaks for itself. The two-tone color scheme with sloppy lettering gives the poster a DIY, screen-printed look, but the mind-bending, trippy graphic in the center is more psychedelic than you would expect from these two artists.

Either way, it's one of the cooler posters we've seen in a few weeks, and the show it advertises should be even cooler. Fugazi was known for their gutsy live performances, and fans should expect the same from Lally. On the other hand, True Widow will offset Lally's energy with  mellowed-out stonegaze.

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