Spector 45

Spector 45 is a trio in their late teens who revel in the three-chord simplicity and silly, leather-clad fashion sense of the Ramones, but they add a menacing, shit-kicker's mentality to the fast-paced proceedings. Wonderfully unpretentious, We Wanna Go, the band's third release, is an immature, funny--but not at all dangerous--collection of odes to getting laid, drunk and stupid. Singer Frank Campagna's drawling yowl distinguishes some rather formulaic rants ("Liquor Hard" and "Social Reject") as bassist John Murphy and drummer Anthony Delabano flail away like an engine about to throw a rod. It's just this kind of sloppy cacophony that gave punk rock a good name to begin with. With a nifty guest appearance by local legend Barry Koda and a blazing take on Buddy Holly's "Rave On," the three young men of Spector 45 pull off a remarkably wide-ranging appreciation of rock history. Sure, the tough guy demeanor grows a bit weary, and there's some misogyny hidden amidst the roar, but these are things that Spector 45 will one day, maybe even regretfully, grow out of. For now, they're a youthful and belligerent blend of snot, speed and sweat.
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Darryl Smyers
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