Stream Norah Jones' Ryan Adams-Penned Song Over at NPR.org

Over on NPR.com today, a real treat: The National Public Radio folks have posted a stream of the new Norah Jones track "Light As A Feather" for all to listen in on.

It's a track of note because, for one, Jones didn't write it; rather, mercurial and prolific alt-country icon Ryan Adams did. And, like the other early offerings we've seen from Miss Jones' new disc, it's quite the change of pace. Specifically, this song gives the often-adult-contemporary-affiliated Jones a decidedly Americana feel--like a less twangy but just-as-sultry Lucinda Williams. Which is high praise--at least in this instance.

Jones' new record, The Fall, earns its release later this month, on November 17. No news yet of any upcoming tour dates associated with the disc's release. Starting next week, though, she will be all over your TV sets, with upcoming performances scheduled for Letterman (11/11), Good Morning America (11/16), The Colbert Report (11/18) and The View (11/23).

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