The Conversation: Which of the Three Major North Texas Cities is The Hottest Right Now?

The three major cities that make up North Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth and Denton, duh!) have always taken part in a sort of friendly competition with each other. There's always been trash talk from apologists of each music scene, of course. But, in the end, each scene seems to reluctantly coalesce into the larger North Texas music community.

Still, it seems that seems that when one city's music scene is experiencing a good spell, the other two become mediocre or dry.

For example: The Fort Worth music scene. It's stronger right now than it's been in years -- maybe ever. Meanwhile Dallas carries on at a comfortable pace and Denton is a little dry.

A few years back, though, all those positions were swapped.

So, this week, we invited several representatives from each scene to discuss which city currently appears on top of its game and which is a little cold. Together, Andy Odom of Dentoneer, Cory Graves of Subservient Experiment, Mark Schectman of KDGE 102.1-FM The Edge, Anthony Mariani of Fort Worth Weekly and I each shared our thoughts on the matter. It  turned into a pretty interesting discussion about the cyclical nature of each music scene.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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Daniel Hopkins
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