The Daily Fail: The Wall Street Journal

There are a lot of things you can rely on the Wall Street Journal for, world news, stock market reports, political news and any kind of news with a liberal bend your little bleeding heart could desire. But, one thing they may want to stay away from is studying dance moves.

A few weeks ago the online portion of the the daily decided it would be a good idea on how The Dougie has taken over professional sports. Everyone from the New York Jets Braylon Edwards' to Washington Wizards latest hope to bring them out of last place, John Wall, have been seen doing The Dougie. Hell, even ESPN radio's Mike & Mike have talked about it a couple of times on their show.

However, the paper that "lives in the know" didn't seem to know The Dougie has been around for a few years now and originated in Dallas... not from the Cali Swag District. They gave a small mention in the article that the dance originated from the D-Town Boogie... which is kinda close, but, not really.

You're letting someone steal our swag and it's just not cool. Give the D-Town their propers for something they came up with.

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