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The Dub Car Show Rode Through Dallas with Hip Hop and Tricked-Out Cars

97.9 The Beat's Dub Car Show
With Future, Kevin Gates, Mike Jones and more
Dallas Convention Center, Dallas
Sunday, June 14, 2015

“It smells like popcorn and weed in here.”

“Oooooooh this my shit!”

—Both overheard at the DUB Car Show on Sunday

American car culture is a fascinating thing. It bridges all of the opposing cultures and brings us together to fawn over the most American of inventions. And lord were people ever fawning over row after row of tricked-out, American-made fire at the DUB show Sunday at the Dallas Convention Center.

Both the African-American and Latin-American communities flooded the southern end of downtown Dallas, not to voice displeasure with the current state of the country (though there were several who discussed it openly, and the police presence was quite heavy), but to come together to celebrate a love of cars and of hip-hop.

And, man it was a lot of fun.

The Kay Bailey Hutchinson was packed with various cars people had spent thousand of dollars on. There was chrome and gold everywhere. There were ice cream paint jobs, and candy paint dripping. There were even tricked-out Power Wheels sitting on mini-dubs. Lifted Jeeps and trucks filled a section, and I even came across a motherfucking baby seat covered in snakeskin.
There was a ton to see as car clubs from all over filed into the center to show off the best of the best. There were lowriders, a car with an image of Archer character’s Dr. Krieger’s Anime girlfriend, and my long time enemies the Dallas Cowboy Car Club was out in full force. (Just kidding, guys.) It was hard to not get distracted from the music being performed. Luckily, the loaded line-up couldn’t keep you away.

A bearded Kevin Gates had the crowd LIT through his entire performance, and let’s be real every performer was fawned over as the mix of Houston, Dallas and national acts had people by the thousands dancing and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Yet it was Future who elicited the aforementioned cry of “Oooooooh this my shit!” The lady who said it wasn’t the only one losing her mind and getting down, either. The concert portion of the Center was packed with people of all ages throwing their hands up to show their enthusiasm for the Atlanta artist.

It was, in short, a fantastic series of performances from some of the best bar-droppers in the game, and Future claimed the crown of the best artist on the bill with his effortless flow, and charisma.
I’d say the day was a fantastic success, and I’d think most would agree. The capper of the day was seeing the image of a buttoned-down white grandfather in full Hank Hill attire strolling through the center with his black grandson in hand pointing out the various types of vehicles. Like I said, car culture man. It brings everyone together.

The one disappointment? Not a single low-rider had a Selena memorial airbrushed into the paint. You let me down, La Raza. You let me down and you broke my heart. Oh, and I never found the weed guy; just the popcorn stand.

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Jaime-Paul Falcon