The Five Best DFW Band Vines From April

Another month has ended and that month has given us even more peeks into the social media world of local acts through the use of everyone's favorite new platform, the Vine. Like we said last month, for those of you who aren't familiar with Vine, it's Twitter's new app that is basically a way for people to make short gif-like posts that last six seconds each. Some have dismissed the network entirely, claiming that it's just a animated form of navel gazing, while others have decided that it's an inherently fun media form.

Last month we gave you dancing, tacos and more dancing. This month we get a little more screwy. What follows are 5 of the best Vines made by locals in the month of April.

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Chambers takes irony to a whole new level.

It seems that working on an album causes bands to get a little bored and we end up with gems like this amazing Vine. It makes me want to go back in time and stop Shari Lewis from releasing this evil upon the world.

Biographies play sports?

Biographies are better at this Vine thing then pretty much everyone but Will Sasso and his lemons. Here they decided to play baseball, cheer for football and label everything basketball. We get it kids, you don't like sports, but you're a joy to follow.

Local Music fan captures the highlight of Untapped Fest

As we mentioned in the opening of our review of Untapped Festival, before the headliner Deertick took the stage, a spontaneous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner broke out amongst the crowd. It was a powerful moment of emotions rising to the top amongst a crowd who had just witnessed a week of insanity. Sadly, video evidence has been hard to come by until I stumbled upon this Vine by a local music fan (whose identity we'll keep semi-secret).

Mark From the EDGE gives you a front row view of Phoenix

One of the not-so-fringe benefits of being the EDGE's go-to guy is being able to get up close and personal with some of the biggest acts coming through the area, especially if they're headlining your station's big festival. Mark, who it should be noted Vines like a mad man, gives you a little slice of the good life with this.

Sean French recreates Hitchcock, is amazing.

Local musician Sean French has taken to Vine to document the epic battle between his beard and his electric razor. This battle continues to grow in epic proportions as I've lost count on how many Vines have been made about it, I think we're in the 40s, but none have touched the utter brilliance of his Psycho remake. Step your Vine game up, DFW, get on his level.

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