The Problem With... Usher's "DJ Got Us Falling In Love"

Take it from someone who's been there: DJs have great power if they do their job right.

They can get people to shake, sweat, and pick invisible apples. But I can't remember ever getting people in the crowd to fall in love. I guess it wouldn't hurt to get back on the turntables and try doing that sometime? Maybe I will.

So, what has Usher been up to these past few months? Well, he's prepping for the VMAs, dropping a surprisingly good single with Jay-Z called "Hot Tottie," and singing with a goat.

Usher's got another single on the charts too these days: "DJ Got Us Falling In Love." It's another attempt by Usher to expand his boundaries and attain an electronic sound. Only, this time, it sounds more like a forgettable track from Taio Cruz than from a makeout-enabling R&B artist.

Guesting for the track is my friend and yours, the money-allergic Pitbull. I like call his guest lines "pitgin," where Pitbull throws out his rapid-fire pidgin of English and Cuban Spanish.

One line in his pitgin shouts out to Waka Flocka Flame, a rapper who said earlier this year that lyricism in hip-hop doesn't make money. Whatever you say, Waka. By the way, how did "O Let's Do It" do in the charts?

Anyway, speaking of lyrics: Usher's lines in the track have a few lemons as well. Along with your usual repeating of one word a few times, there's a line in the beginning compares his state to a zombie coming back to life.

Holy shit, y'all! Zombies! Aim for the head!

Other odd lines include a promise to "burn this motherfucker down!" and to lose control of his body.

Ew, Usher, ew.

Usher's got an EP coming up titled Versus. I'm guessing it won't hold a candle to the badass Japanese movie with the same name. Oh well. At least they both have zombies coming back to life.


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