The Ten Most Ridiculous Metal Album Covers of 2013

Do the people who conceived and designed these metal album covers just not give a fuck, or do they give too many fucks? The answer is not entirely clear, but that's what makes them so awesome. Behold, the ten most ridiculous metal album covers of the year.

By Jason Roche

Zodiac - A Hiding Place - see #10
10. Zodiac A Hiding Place

The next time you feel like doing the "siren surrounded by dogs" gimmick, try to find dogs that actually look threatening. Rather than cuddly. I think the one on her left there actually belongs to my aunt. He loooves having his belly rubbed; aw, he's a good boy, yes he does.

9. Blackout We Are Here

The use of Satanic imagery and the middle finger to represent anything remotely cool or threatening is dead and buried, the bloated corpses of each represented by whatever the fuck this is. Also, that thing's forehead looks just like a butt. I wonder if it poops into its own eye or something. That'd be kinda metal, I guess.

8. Profanatica Thy Kingdom Cum

This attempt to be shocking is somehow just totally whatevs. Satanic imagery clip art. OH MAN and I just got the album title pun! Well, I guess that is actually pretty clev-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

7. Rawhide Murder One

These guys wonder why they can't get a second date.

6. Cleric Vatum Inferno

Most people who try acid for the first time end up scribbling something like this, but the key is not to publish it.

5. Persekutor Power Frost

Cool vacation photo, guys. Is that the hill Mom twisted her ankle on? Thank God the ski lodge had hot cocoa and ibuprofen.

4. Thunder Tribe War Chant

Not the optimal way to have your spirit forever immortalized.

3. Vastum Patricidal Lust

This could have been cool: A warrior standing proud and naked, beholding the giant he just disemboweled. But that shitty Halloween bat creature at the top sends it all to pieces.

2. Iron Mask Fifth Son of Winterdoom

OK, this knight-looking thing and his doggies are charged with protecting the Fifth Son of Winterdoom. The question is, what the fuck happened to the first four Sons of Winterdoom? I see no sign of any other living babies. Also, the art here makes me pretty sure this is the cover of an upcoming Pixar film.

1. Stratovarius Nemesis

Now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

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