This Week In Dallas Music History: Before Major-Label Debut, Hagfish Sets The Record Straight: Not Phonies, Not Fake, Not Green Day

When this article appeared in the June 15, 1995, edition of the Observer, London Records was just weeks away from releasing Hagfish's major label-debut, Rocks Your Lame Ass--which also means that the band was just about two years away from being dropped by London Records, and about three years away from the band's first break up.

But, hey, it wasn't all bad. After all, before London tossed Hagfish back into the indie pond, the Deep Ellum darlings were about to embark on "a damn good year," touring with the likes of NOFX and Bad Brains, getting some MTV love with "Happiness" (see above), and earning a nod for best Alternative Rock/Pop Act at the next year's DOMAs.

The band was clearly excited at all the possibilities--I mean, people were calling them the next Offspring or Green Day. But, as the article makes perfectly clear, the band was already tired of those Green Day comparisons and pop-punk labeling.

As such, it's an interesting read about a band treading out into the major-label waters. The scans are after the jump.

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Daniel Rodrigue
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