This Week In Dallas Music History: Blush and Swivel Don't Want to Change the World -- Just Dallas

In this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, we look back to the year 2000, when under-aged kids in Dallas bands performed at all ages venues like The Major, Galaxy Club, and The Orbit Room. For suburbanite kids, those venues were the stuff of legend, but for Aaron Gonzalez and the members of the bands Blush and Swivel, they were home -- but not for long.

Observer music writer Amelia Abreu tells the story of a once thriving independent Dallas music youth "scene" that was disappearing and moving to Denton, Austin, and even into what Abreu called "the beery blandness of the half-dozen nightclubs that make up the Dallas 'scene.'"

Despite the changing scene, the kids in both bands didn't give up on their DIY dreams. Hit the jump to read the entire story.

Read the entire story online in the Observer archives.

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