This Week In Dallas Music History: Brutal Juice Is Too Brutal for Deep Ellum

Looks like it's about time for Brutal Juice to come out of hibernation and play a couple of sets. Denton's mildly successful "acid punk" band ran a stray course during its debut in '90s. Their three full albums were a demo, a live album, and then a studio album.

The May 7, 1992 edition of the Observer saw Jimmy Fowler profiling the Denton heavies. The article detailed most of the band "smoking like fiends" and laid out a few stage antics from their shows--like a kilt and an Ernie costume. Fowler also had tidbits on one of their first Deep Ellum shows, which consisted of a few technical snags and 25 or so people in the crowd. The band remarked that the low turnout was due to the scene being unprepared for their sound.

Since the story, the band released two albums I Love the Way They Scream When They Die on Alternative Tentacles in 1994 and Mutilation Makes Identification Difficult with Interscope in 1995.

Brutal Juice officially broke up in 1997 and has performed a few shows sporadically since 2000--still broken up, though, mind you. Their last set of shows took place last summer in Club Dada in Dallas and Dan's Silverleaf in Denton. Another show is schedule on the horizon, too: Brutal Juice will play on May 29th at Trees, alongside a killer bill of Baboon, Dove Hunter, The House Harkonen, and Katsuk.

After the jump, get a load of Brutal Juice before they started filling Deep Ellum floors.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.