Three Shows Worth Investigating Tonight

Although not as busy as last night, there are still a few musical options in our area this Tuesday night that are well worth investigating.

Here We Go Magic and Caveman at Dada
Brooklyn's Here We Go Magic is all about singer-songwriter Luke Temple. Really: At first, Temple was the only member of Here We Go Magic. But, after recording an album alone, the guy decided to form a real band. That decision resulted in Pigeons, one of 2010's best albums. Light years ahead of the debut, Pigeons had plenty of critics' tongues a-wagging -- and deservedly so. Songs like "Hibernation" and "Collector" are rich and rewarding electro-rock tunes that are as hummable as they are sincere. Temple's muse is ever-expanding, so expect big things to happen to this guy in the coming decade.

Boney James at the House of Blues
James Oppenheim (aka Boney James) is a saxophonist, songwriter and producer who has made quite a name for himself in contemporary jazz circles. Specifically, what James does is often labeled urban jazz. And seeing that he incorporates elements of hip-hop and R&B into his mellow compositions, that makes sense. Jazz purists often bemoan instrumentalists such as James, claiming they water down the genre. But folks uncomfortable with the challenges of traditional jazz seem to find respite in this kind of supper club fare. And, hell, James has sold over 3 million albums over the course of his career, so he must be doing something right. Take a date, sip some wine and let Boney James set the mood for your romantic adventures.

Wolvserpent and A Story of Rats at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton
Hailing out of Boise, Idaho, Wolvserpent is a gothic metal duo whose picture should be in the dictionary next to the word "heavy." Epic songs such as "Silence Within" and "Spirit Walker" are set at a pace that makes early Sabbath sound in a hurry. There's not much levity to be found in these tracks, but one has to believe that Blake Green and Brittany McConnell have something resembling a sense of humor hiding under all that doom. Or, hey, maybe not. Opening the show is Portland's A Story of Rats, the current moniker used by Garek Druss, another noisemaker of note. Ought to be a fun time in ol' Denton tonight.

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