Tonight, Tonight: Frankie 45 Memorial Show at Club Dada, Western Giants at The Moon, Horse Opera at City Tavern and Monte Montgomery at Dan's Silverleaf

For the first time since New Year's there are plenty of musical options to choose from tonight -- good news, surely, for music fans who worry that the Frankie 45 memorial tonight, which is also serving as the grand re-opening of Club Dada, might prove a little too heavy to handle.

Frankie 45 Memorial Concert with Leg Sweeper, The Double Downs, Here Holy Spain, The Phuss and others at Club Dada
A lot of great bands and a lot of wonderful people will gather together tonight to pay tribute to a young man who has left this world far too early. As I write this, I still cannot believe that Frank Campagna Jr. is not going to be there himself tonight, knocking back a couple of cold ones and telling me how overrated Denton is. Sometimes, it's only music that can help us escape life's tragedies.

Western Giants, Sam Robertson and The Young Maths at The Moon Bar in Fort Worth
Those who couldn't make it to Denton last night to catch The Young Maths have a second opportunity tonight as the band opens this show in Cowtown. Added incentive is the fact that two fine acts from Denton fill out this nice triple bill. I've always thought Western Giants were an unappreciated band. Kennon Talley and crew are capable of approaching the greatness of Calexico. Given the right producer, Lord knows what might take place. This is the beginning of a winter tour for Western Giants as the band hits the road with Sam Robertson, a gal with a lot to say and a damn pretty way of saying it.

Horse Opera at City Tavern
Jimmy Deveney and Ben Sparks are the nucleus of Austin's Horse Opera, an old-school and unapologetic alt-country/cow-punk band. Shades of '50s and '60s hardcore honky-tonk mingle with the punk spirit of Rocket From the Crypt as Deveney lyrically bemoans just about everything under the hayseed sun. Sure, you've heard stuff like this before, but Horse Opera is just good enough at it that you might forgive the lack of originality.

Monte Montgomery, J Charles and the Train Robbers, The Red 100s, Ryan Thomas Becker at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton
These are actually two separate shows tonight, with guitar wizard Monte Montgomery performing at 8 p.m. and the all-local triple-bill taking over Dan's starting at 10 p.m. It could feasibly work as a single bill, though, as each of these acts has developed a reputation for various kinds of guitar wizardry.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.