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Sudie, 10K.Caash, Honie Gold and This Month’s Best New Music

Sudie’s 1988-sampled “Respect” is a runaway hit.
Sudie’s 1988-sampled “Respect” is a runaway hit. Audible Treats

It’s off to the races for North Texas recording artists right now, if they aspire to follow in the path of 2019's breakout stars like Yella Beezy and Kaash Paige. Many established acts leading the pack are preparing for highly anticipated spring arrivals, and we’ve also got some new returns, TikTok viral hits and game-changing debuts that will set the bar extremely high in 2020. Check out all the brand-new hits below.

Sudie, “Respect”
2020 is Sudie’s moment and it all begins with “Respect.” Carrying a flip of Erasure’s 1988 classic, “A Little Respect,” the Dallas pop star delivers a down-tempo, melodious love song, in which she diversifies her pop vocals with a magnetically soft-pitched tone. The song tells a story of a woman genuinely discovering her first love. Detailing the connection, gradual obsession and irresistible desires, by the second verse, the single becomes an immediate singalong over a mesmerizing production. In a one-person visual, without saying a single word, Sudie’s expressions are mysterious, passionate and gorgeous. By the end of the video she will have you vigorously searching for anything past, present and future relating to the singer/songwriter.

“Respect” is a lead up to plenty of new music from the Prism creator coming on the horizon. Forthcoming music includes promised collaborations with DJ Sober and Midnight Opera and more solo releases.

Sadfacethuggin, SADFACE 4 (EP)
In the fourth installment of his Sadface series, fans bear witness to a star in his most vulnerable state yet. Song titles like “Insanity,” “Meet Me” and “Lucid Nightmares” show Sadfacethuggin reaching the brink and fighting to regain his sanity. The music is swallowed in darkness but shines brightly through traditional emo, rock-infused chants. As in previous works, the project is a healthy release of built-up aggression that fans will love, respect and preach to convert nonbelievers.

Sadfacethuggin is on his self-promoted The World of SadFace Tour throughout North Texas. Some must-hears are “My Addiction” and “Dear Diary," available now via Pitch Black.

Honie Gold, “Playboy”
East Dallas rapper Honie Gold is an overnight sensation, following her debut video, “Playboy,” directed by Ayyo$. A born natural, the 19-year-old is an extraordinarily skilled artist with a confident flow who raps about orchestrating a takeover, being an object of desire and challenging the skills of other DFW rappers. In 2019, Def Jam Records snatched up three Dallas female recording artists in Kaash Paige, Sensi Molly and Lil Brook, who were powered by viral success and press. Perhaps the legendary label is going to have to turn around and grab one more queen.

Upon the video’s release, Honie Gold issued a PSA saying, “2020 I’m coming in crazy, I have great music coming and I’m ready to show the world how Honie Gold gets down. And I don’t mind stepping on anyone’s neck, if they think otherwise.”

“Playboy” is found on Gold’s debut mixtape, Mind Over Matter Vol. 1. With guest features by Lord Simmy and K5, the eight-track project’s fan-favorites include “Chum Bucket” and “Queen to Be.”

10K.Caash, “Flip Flop”

10K.Caash's singular and wildly imitated dance moves have made him the king of the new hip-hop dance wave. In support of his new album, Planet Swajjur, the creator of the "Woah" dance move released a hallucinogenic video for the album’s second track. Inspired by Looney Tunes, 10K is in great spirits with fun house comedic raps over a bouncy, ice cream truck-sampled production. In the video, 10K.Caash dances around in a Chuck E. Cheese-like ball pit with a duo of sexy clowns, to an addictive candy singalong hook: “Gumball, butter drop, she gets freaky for a lollipop/Baby hot as swajjur, Ronny J let that beat drop.”

Planet Swajjur
includes guest appearances by TyFontaine, Tisakorean, Young Jordan, Gun40, DSmooth66, Sexton, Zoey Dollaz and Chance the Rapper. And with “Flip Flop,” the Def Jam album includes the new hit, “Me And My Friends.”

Corey Breedlove, “Spanish Wine”

A local favorite, Corey Breedlove’s sets are multifaceted, dynamic and consistent. His latest, “Spanish Wine,” speaks from the heart with a stunning guitar performance about giving a woman the night of her life. The song will have you dancing around instantly.

“Spanish Wine” is special. From the lyrics to its production, the song has a relatable, universal appeal, making it the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans. You can enjoy this one with either red or white.

Breedlove will be performing Saturday, Feb. 22, in Grand Prairie at FireHouse Gastro Park.

The Vuja De, Dive In (EP)

A fresh psychedelic sound is slowly surfacing out of DFW, and it’s mainly coming from the alternative R&B singer The Vuja De and his intriguing debut, Dive In. Available via Luke Herbert, it’s a concept album that introduces the world to a collection of unknown talents. Featuring Sherif, the 10-track effort is a sonic smorgasbord.

Vuja De seamlessly creates a signature trance backdrop drenched in reverb vocals, haunting melodies and introspective storytelling to present a must-hear formal introduction. The 26-minute debut has standouts like “Backseat” and “Euphoria.”
Trapboy Freddy, “Big Trap”

While his best friend Yella Beezy serves as the current global ambassador of Dallas hip-hop, it’s no secret that Trapboy Freddy and his infectious music are regarded as having the heart and soul of the streets. While his new hit “Lil Quitta” continues to be a fast-growing new addition hit on radio nationwide, Trapboy embodies an early 2000s Lil Wayne and overloads the airwaves with hit after hit. His latest, “Big Trap,” is no exception.

Fresh off his New York press run, the Oak Cliff rapper is back in the triple D with upgrades to a high-rise loft and an all-white Porsche truck. The song shows a hostile persona that demands respect and, as shown in the video, it's earned. “Big Trap” is right on time. Fans are eagerly awaiting a promised new album expected this spring. Trapboy Freddy is signed to 300 Entertainment, which is home to Megan Thee Stallion, Gunna and Young Thug. We're excited to hear expected Trapboy’s diddy bop alongside hip-hop A-list star power.

12 Gage, Surprise (LP)

The much-hyped new album Surprise has made 12 Gage the most talked about rapper in DFW. The artist has been raising the bar, pushing boundaries and demonstrating tremendous growth since his 2019 DJ Ice-hosted project, Talented Felon. For his second album, 12 Gage creates a brooding collection that amplifies his nonchalant swagger. Before this release, Surprise’s visuals “Lies,” “Over” and “My Way” displayed a unique look using large, multicolored pythons. And with that, a star was born, as fans flooded 12 Gage’s comments with snake emojis, pledging their allegiance.

is a 10-track off-beat, contagious, street masterpiece rarely heard in hip-hop. In the album, the overtly masculine deadpan rapper recounts days of burglarizing, womanizing and joyriding with his crew. A people’s choice, the album is a hard win that solidifies 12 Gage's place as a new star.

Cush with a C, “Same Ol’ You”
With a brand-new EP on the way, charismatic rapper Cush with a C builds anticipation with a new song, “Same Ol’ You.” Addressing frenemies who have ranted about Cush changing with success, the rapper lashes out against accusers, telling his side of the story with emotionally aggressive raps that reveal real-life situations. Featuring an obscure trio of new rappers with Sincerely, Esco and Neaux ID — all with similar grievances — it’s the song’s savage nature that dominates. The song carries an intensity that can’t be ignored.

Slick-talking, confident and thorough, Cush with a C is, no doubt, an exciting new artist. “Same Ol’ You” follows up a breakout 2019 for Cush that includes his latest projects, The Balancing Act and Always on Some New Shit. Cush with a C’s forthcoming album arrives spring 2020.

Justin Pickard & the Thunderbird Winos, “Heavy on the Heart”
Country-folk-rock band Justin Pickard and the Thunderbird Winos descend upon 2020 on a mission to become the biggest name in DFW rock — which is, incidentally, up for grabs right now. If you want to know what the band is all about, then take a moment to hear their best song yet in “Heavy on the Heart.” The single is a worthy successor to the brilliant A High Price for the Low Life, albeit a switch-up; the new song is a heartfelt ballad about the hard times we inevitably have to endure. From heartbreak to financial woes and more, Pickard narrates a couple of trips down memory lane connected with an easy-learning repetitive hook that will have you singing along by the second verse. Then you’ll fall in love with “Heavy on the Heart” by the end of the first chorus, guaranteed.

“Heavy on the Heart” is part of a collection of new releases including additional songs “UFB” and “Texas Heaven.” In celebration of the new music, Pickard and the band will host a record release party on Saturday, March 7, at Sons of Hermann Hall in Deep Ellum.
Tay Money, “GRLS WKND”
Big Tay drops an anthem for your ladies night/girl’s trip in “GRLS WKND," off her new Hurricane Tay album. In the video, the artist escapes her relationship woes in a two-day vacation with her best friends. Directed by Dan2Thel, Tay Money throws her cellphone to the wind and rages in a penthouse suite powered by California greens and expensive Champagne. Fans worship Money’s high maintenance raps overloaded with arrogance, where she says, for example: “I be in the club three plus/ Every bitch in here tryna be us/ Big body Uber, and you in a Prius/ These Gucci heels, you be in Adidas/ Bad ass bitch I just made the front page/ Don’t get too close ‘cause my hair just got laid/ Broke ass bitch and you just got paid/ He keeps us sipping on lemonade.”

Tay Money seems to be making her way into the classic "women want to be her and men want to be with her" category, and the rapper capitalizes on fan’s affinity for her flawless, progressive and carefree attitude with a trio of maneater raps about making your own money but depleting your boyfriend’s bank account. An instant hit, fans have begun dancing to “GRLS WKND” with the intention of going viral on the popular social media app TikTok. It was a late 2019 release, but Tay Money’s new album is easily a 2020 best album ballot favorite. Hurricane Tay features DaBaby and YNW Melly with hit singles “Bussin,” “Ride Around” and “IMAX.”
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