Watch: Exit 380 -- "Run For The Gold"

So, last week, we passed along a free Exit 380 mp3, a song called "Street Trash View" from the band's new Cities Townies EP. That song highlighted the band's '90s alt-rock prowess and, uh, it sure was nice of the band to give it away for free, wasn't it?

Then, this week, the band's frontman, Dustin Blocker, emails along the above video for another song on the EP, this one called "Run For The Gold". And, even if for nothing else, the video would stand as an impressive clip just because it's a single shot.

But it's a fine pairing of song and visual presentation--even if the concept's a little trite and, hey, Blocker's friends really don't live all that far off from some pretty nasty people, if you really think about it.

Oh, and of the music: Well, on that end I'm a little confused.

Because, look, this song is crazy different from the song we offered up last week. This one is far more like the stuff we wanted to hear from the band's last album--country-ish, noir-ish stuff. And that's pretty awesome.

So now I'm thinking there's more to this band than I thought, and, curious, I go back and listen to "Street Trash View." And, actually, on second listen, the Alive in Chains (with maybe a little Living Colour, too) feel of that last one's actually pretty impressive, too.

I'm confused: Does this band boast an impressive range or does it have no clue what its going for? The band's playing an EP release show on Saturday, February 27, at Trees. That might be the place to find out.

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