Watch: Sarah Jaffe Covers Robyn's "Hang With Me"

A nice little treat this morning, courtesy of the folks at Sleepover Shows, who, like so many others on the Internet today, film artists in intimate settings, playing their songs for the camera. But this assortment of clips, actually, is a bit different: In addition to performances of "Clementine" and new-ish song "A Sucker For Your Marketing," this set also features something we've never heard before from Jaffe -- a cover of Robyn's "Hang With Me."

Filmed before a recent show at T.T. The Bear's in Boston, Jaffe's version, which also features her playing partners Scott Danbom and Robert Gomez, is a toned down, acoustic folk take -- as, OK, you'd probably expect.

But for those familiar with the original version, it's a neat interpretation. Check it out after the jump.

Oh, and if you can still find tickets, go buy yourself a couple to Sarah's upcoming, Saturday, February 12, performance at the AT&T Performing Arts Center's Wyly Theatre (we're told they're close to selling out). Why the push? Ah: We just received word yesterday that this performance will be filmed for future distribution -- so, just another Jaffe show this won't be.

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Pete Freedman
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