Weekend Roundup: De La Soul, 100 Monkeys, Mark Zeus, Toby Keith

De La Soul at House of Blues on Friday, July 31
Rather than worry about being pretentious hip hop superstars, De La Soul stayed true to what real hip-hop looks and sounds like on Friday night. With 20 years of contribution to the scene, De La Soul lives up to their standard as "quintessential hip hop." If you missed the show and like what you hear, they have a new album out with Nike: Are You In?

100 Monkeys at Poor David's Pub on Friday, July 31
Apparently the guys from Twilight made up this song about holly--on the spot--because some girl asked them if they would? Aw, swoon!!! If Holly's not interested, I'll um... deck their... halls...anytime. (Wink.)

Mark Zeus and Annie Benjamin at JP Hops on Friday, July 31
Get through the first 40 seconds and you'll see why Mark Zeus calls this song as a "hybrid." Annie is like a little fawn with her flute and Mark can be the big, bad bluesman. It's kind of cool, I swear.

Toby Keith at Superpages on Saturday, Aug. 1
At first, I wondered what kind of an "American Ride" Toby Keith was singing about. But, apparently, Ford is sponsoring his American-bad-ass-tight-jeans-muscle-shirt-flex-flex-flex tour called, seriously, America's Toughest Tour. So prepare yourself for lines about the o-zone burning and buying oil by the barrel.

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