Weekend Roundup: Deerhoof, Diplo, Cobra Starship and more

So what if it’s raining? So what if it’s Monday? So what if you woke up to the dulcet tones of your dog gagging and vomiting all over your bed at four a.m. this morning?!

It’s a great big beautiful world and here’s the proof -- at home, the vomit turned out to be easy to clean up, and it was a darn good weekend for the music watchers. Of course if you read Pete’s column on Friday you already knew that. If you didn’t well…I don’t know if I can help you, but maybe these videos can.

Deerhoof Friday at the Granada Theater Here’s that band from San Fran playing as only they can a song called “Milk Man.” They play the milk man like nobody can (and maybe like green eggs and ham -- I’ve just run out of my rhyming rations for the week), but it’s hard to tell since a lot of the video is sideways.

And here’s Dummy Discards a Heart, same camera, same general angle and focus but aren’t they awesome?

Diplo, Saturday at The Loft Diplo came by Dallas on his Mad Decent tour. The sound is kind of gritty (the videographer even apologized about it) but it’s still pretty neat when Diplo samples some Nirvana in the middle and does a lightening switch to….well to other stuff (can’t tell what because that’s where the sound really sucks).

Tom Gabel, Saturday at The Prophet Bar in Dallas If you’ve ever gotten really smashed with your angsty musician/artist/Beatles-loving friends when someone starts playing “Oh Darling,” and you all proceed to scream along -- then you already know what this video is going to sound like. Is Tom Gabel angry, or does he always sound this way? Oh well, the audience seemed to dig it -- they knew every word.

Forever the Sickest Kids, Friday at the House of Blues Yes. Yes indeed. They’re here playing with the Sassyback Tour and while they’re not exactly sassy, they sure are something. That’s all I’ve got, but the crowd’s pretty into it. For some reason.

Cobra Starship, Friday at the House of Blues And the sassiness continues with this New York-based band. They’re really chatty in this video.

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Blake Shelton migrated down from Oklahoma (it is that time of year) to do a little playing this weekend. The video’s pretty great because he ain’t hard on the eyes, he’s workin’ those jeans and the drawl, and the bass is turned up so loud the camera shakes with every thump.

The Big Boom, Sunday at the Holiday Inn OK, so it wasn’t a show and it wasn’t intentionally musical but people were watching and the implosion sounds like a percussive sequence right out of Gladiator, or maybe Earthquake. The cow goes moo. The goes quack. The Holiday Inn goes boom.

And that was your weekend. It was pretty booming, right? -- Dianna Wray

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