What If Drake Wrote "9 A.M. In Dallas" And Actually Mentioned Dallas?

In 2010, Drake recorded a freestyle track titled "9 A.M. in Dallas." The track was written, as the title spells out, one morning in Dallas, and was shortlisted for his debut album Thank Me Later. One thing, though: It doesn't really mention Dallas.

Well, Dallas is a little hurt that he didn't call when he came to town in March. He even stood up Zouk and went out with his college friends in Arlington instead. Maybe, just once, Drake could complement Dallas when it puts on nice things for him?

He'll be back in town on Wednesday, May 16 at Gexa, and one thing that might channel these hurt feelings is a revision of the song, based on Drake's last visit here. This hypothetical song may include a cheap tie-in verse with a labelmate like Nicki Minaj or Lil Wayne. DJ Khaled might even say his name and disappear, as he always does. The track could use a sample of the British post-dubstep Drake is so fond of lately. Here are a few lines to get him going.

I came here for the tacos and games at the AA Flacking like Nowitzki in the Finals' fourth game Quipped about that with my boys Dwyane Wade and James I came down with some Heat when I played UTA Subsisted on Sprite and crackers that share my name Recommended doses Pepto, Canadian Dry, ibu-profane, sheit

A chorus would have Drake singing about his feelings. Girls like that. The second verse would have some boastful, rapid-fire alliteration about girl problems, so the guys don't get alienated.

Call up all my exes in Texas, I mentioned they existed Half reside in Dallas, the rest got addresses in Midland Spilled Patron on a pricey pea coat I picked up from Galleria Second floor in Westin, order funky cold medina Drunk dialed Dallas, went to voicemail, said something meant for Miami I got burned when it got noticed, met a crazy Fiona that wasn't Melanie

Those are my ideas. Drake probably doesn't need them if this city is such an inspiration, but would it kill him to introduce Dallas to his parents?

Drake performs at Gexa Energy Pavilion on Wednesday, May 16, along with J. Cole, Waka Flocka Flame, Meek Mill and 2 Chainz.

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