Your Comprehensive Guide to Band Names as Food

Using the Schrodinger equation, in conjunction with a quantum harmonic oscillator to efficiently fuse two non-sentient objects together, we here at DC9 at Night have created a  giant-ass list. Please be cautious when reading, as prolonged exposure can lead to headaches, extreme diaphragm tension, and heavy-genitals syndrome.

And so, we present, 100 bands-as-food puns.

1. Radiobread
2. Jack White Truffles
3. Bon Bons Iver
4. Alabama Milkshakes
5. LMFAOkra
6. Flaming Cheetos Lips
7. Gary Numan's Own Salad Dressing
8. Ted Nougat
9. Bananas Foster the People (and their hit single "Pumped Up Kix")
10. Edith Rice Piaf

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