Joseph Randle's October 2014 Frisco mugshot.
Joseph Randle's October 2014 Frisco mugshot.
Frisco Police Department

911 Calls Paint Disturbing Picture of Night Cowboys RB Joseph Randle Was Arrested (Listen)

Last week, Cowboys backup running back Joseph Randle was cited and released for misdemeanor marijuana possession after police responded to his Wichita, Kansas, hotel room following a 911 call about domestic violence. The weed charge was subsequently dropped, but just released 911 tapes obtained by The Dallas Morning News show that case may only have been the beginning of Randle's problems.

Dalia Jacobs, Randle's ex-girlfriend, tells dispatchers that Randle threatened her with a gun, is in possession of "a lot" of marijuana and hurt another woman when he broke a car window, giving the woman multiple cuts.

Jacobs told Sedgwick County, Kansas, authorities that Randle was in the process of throwing most of his weed away because he was scared and had put the gun she said he threatened her with into the trunk of a car.

"This is her. I don't want him to know because I'm scared that I'm calling. I don't want him knowing that I called because he's outraged. He has a gun in his trunk and he put it back in there. ... There's a window at the hotel, we broke it because he hit the girl that went back in there," Jacobs said.

Later, before the cops arrived at the hotel, Jacobs called 911 again, telling them that Randle had cooled down and that she no longer needed the police. The car with the gun in the trunk, she said, was no longer at the hotel.

Randle's attorney, Gary Ayers, issued a statement Saturday disputing Jacobs' story about what happened.

"Joseph Randle regrets that he was recently involved in a party in a Wichita, Kansas, hotel that ended with the Wichita Police being called. There are no criminal charges. A woman who was present at the party has filed a protection from abuse lawsuit, which Randle believes to have no merit. Randle asked the woman to leave the party and go home, which she refused to do.

Contrary to the woman's allegations, Randle did not threaten her or brandish a gun at any time. Randle has retained counsel who will contact the Wichita police to offer cooperation with any further investigation they may want to conduct. Until that time, Randle has been advised by counsel to not discuss the incident. He very much appreciates the many statements of support from his family, friends, and fans."

After the incident, Jacobs asked for, and received, a protective order against Randle.

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