A Dirk-less Dallas: Cringe at the Thought

Some ignoamus loyal reader on this here blog recently theorized that the Dallas Mavericks sans Dirk Nowitzki could still make the NBA Western Conference playoffs.

It's July 1, not April 1. Quit your kidding.

Because the Mavs realize that Dirk is priority No. 1 this summer - and perhaps vice-versa - Nowitzki will today meet with general manager Donnie Nelson in Dallas to discuss a new contract that will keep him a Mav for the rest of his career.

Donnie was headed to Germany, but instead Dirk came here.

"There is no Plan B," Nelson admits. "I don't think there are many free agents out there that would want to come to a Dirk-less Dallas team."

It's not only vital to re-sign Dirk, it's important to do it quickly.

Though I remain convinced that Dirk is a Batman needing an efficient Robin, I'll also admit he'd be the best damn Robin in the league if the Mavericks could land a No. 1. The Mavs may not accomplish that, but their chances are zero unless Dirk joins their roster and their recruiting team.

The Mavs also plan to begin negotiating with free agent Brendan Haywood with an eye on making him their full-time starter next season after Erick Dampier is shipped off in a trade.

But what if Dirk doesn't do Dallas? What if "no Plan B" becomes Plan A? What would happen to a Mavs' team without Nowitzki next year?

Point guard: Jason Kidd/ Roddy Beaubois

Shooting guard: Jason Terry/ Dominique Jones

Small Forward: Caron Butler/ Shawn Marion

Power Forward: Eduardo Najera/ Tim Thomas

Center: Erick Dampier

To me that rhymes with glottery. You?

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