A rock of methamphetamine.
A rock of methamphetamine.

A Mesquite Man Goes Down After Getting Busted with an Actual Ton of Meth

Despite what you may think about Mesquite, having a ton -- OK, 1,900 pounds -- of meth in one's house in that fair suburb is pretty sure to convince law enforcement that the drugs aren't simply for personal use.

Jose Farias Lopez, 24, found that out the hard way Friday, when he was sentenced to 330 months in federal prison. Lopez was arrested in April 2014 after his house was searched by law enforcement and 876 kilograms of meth was found. Lopez told the feds that it was his job to package the drugs for distribution and named his co-defendant, Lino Robles Alvarez.

As part of his sentence, Lopez has to give up more than $36,000 in cash, two semi-automatic handguns, 23 cell phones and a 2011 Mazda SUV.

The DEA described the drugs confiscated from Lopez's house as being one of the biggest meth busts in the history of the agency.


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