A U.S. Attorneys Scandal Story You Probably Haven't Read Anywhere Else

Occasisonally in movies about dirty politicians and their dark secrets, there's some writer from an alternative weekly newspaper skulking about in the shadows, trying to dig up The Truth, man. Usually, he or she's a bit on the icky side -- probably hasn't bathed in a few weeks, likely reeks of patchouli and generic-brand smokes and cheap beer, speaks in rapid-fire gibberish about conspiracies and crimes committed by The Man. Think Giancarlo Esposito in Bob Roberts or Tim Roth in Silver City -- you know, free-weekly dudes practicing yellow-teeth journalism. Usually wind up dead or "crazy." And always right, naturally.

Why do I mention this? No reason, except to point you to this week's conspiracy theory that ties together the U.S. attorneys scandal, the Department of Justice's investigation of an Irving-based medical supply company with ties to Dallas-based Tenant Healthcare Corp., the departures of three U.S. attorneys from the Dallas office, the "mysterious deaths" of two other locally based U.S. attorneys and Jeb Bush's appointment to the Tenant board of directors. The only thing missing? Bill Clinton. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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