A Very, Very, Very, Very Detailed Look at the Dallas Cowboys' Uniforms. And We Mean Very.

Paul Lukas is obsessed with pro sports team's uniforms -- hence, his Uni Watch blog, updated daily, and his gig as ESPN.com's uniform czar, a position maintained in these parts by KTCK-AM's Craig Miller. This week, Lukas breaks down in exquisite detail the unis of Your Dallas Cowboys. Seems he ain't no fan of the Cowboys -- "so successful ... so beloved ... so completely annoying" -- but thinks Dallas has the greatest togs in all of NFLand. And not because the look is simple or timeless; to the contrary, Lukas insists:

To the practiced uniform acolyte, the Cowboys' attire is rife with idiosyncrasies. In fact, America's Team wears what is arguably the quirkiest uniform set in all of professional sports, full of unexplained anomalies and team-specific protocols found nowhere else. Look back into their history, and you'll find even more aberrations.

He then spends the next 1,607 breaking down Dallas' attire, from the Dymo Tape name label on the back of the helmets to the "two different sets of silver pants in its wardrobe." The piece contains copious links to the oddball details on Dallas' unis, and there's plenty of history to be found there -- like, I totally forgot about the red-white-and-blue striped helmets worn by the team in 1976. Then again, I was 8. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.