Armageddon Time!

Hot damn. We were just about to throw away a flier -- by which we mean "cry for help" -- from perennial mayoral write-in candidate Rich Sheridan when a Friend of Unfair Park directed our attention to this item on The Dallas Morning News' Bold Types blog. Looks like Sheridan has made good on his threat to file a complaint against Ed Oakley with the Ethics Advisory Commission. Why's Sheridan going after the mayoral wannabe? Because, as he points out in his bright-yellow flier, "THE ED OAKLEY MAYORAL CANDIDACY IS AN ARMAGEDDON EVENT!!! THE PERVERTS WANT TO TAKE OVER DALLAS." 'Bout time too.

Only, as Dave Levinthal points out at Bold Types, "hundreds, if not thousands, of taxpayer dollars will likely be spent to vet Mr. Sheridan's complaint" on Thursday, when the commission meets to discuss Sheridan's complaint. But, see, it's not just Ed Oakley's homosexuality that's driving Sheridan, ahem, nuts. Says his flier: "The gays and debauched heterosexuals here in Dallas" are to blame. Jim, I do think he's talking about you. And me, though I swear I have to look at Fleshbot for work purposes. --Robert Wilonsky

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