Bill Holston's KERA Commentary on Preserving What Remains of Dallas's Blackland Prairie

Attorney and Friend of Unfair Park Bill Holston posts semi-regular pieces to FrontBurner under the header Law Man Walking, in which the nature-trekker documents his strolls through the heretofore oft-overlooked slices o' heaven that remain in and around the city limits. And when Bill's not penning those, he's contributing to KERA-FM, where, this morning, he offered an audio essay titled "Preserving Prairie," in which he talks about efforts to save what's left of the Texas blackland prairies:

One of the best examples of how to preserve Blackland Prairie is at White Rock Lake. Local Master Naturalist Becky Rader identified an open field as a remnant prairie, which had never been plowed. She then worked with volunteers in preserving it. Volunteers from North Texas Master Naturalists, students from SMU, Texas Parks and Wildlife all worked together to preserve this area. They worked with the city of Dallas Parks department to time mowing to encourage the growth of native grasses and forbs. Now, we have an oasis of wildflowers and native grass that don't require watering.
Listen to the whole thing here.

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Robert Wilonsky
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