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BREAKING NEWS: Arrest Warrants Issued for Okolo and Aqib Talib

This just in, stemming from this, and this. From the Garland Police Department:

Garland investigators have obtained warrants for Aqib Talib and Okolo Talib in connection with a disturbance police responded to on March 21 in the 900 block of Green Pond Drive.

On Monday, March 21, just before 7:30 pm Garland Police responded to the disturbance where it was reported people were outside fighting and gunshots had been heard. When police arrived they found 40-year-old Shannon Billings alone and outside his residence.

Shannon was listed as a suspect in a disturbance earlier the same day at the same location. He was later taken into custody and charged with assault and interference with emergency phone call from the earlier incident. Police began their investigation into the second disturbance of the day. The information gathered at the scene along with information gathered by detectives on follow-up investigations have led police to believe that Aqib Talib attempted to physically assault and did shoot at Shannon Billings. They also believe Okolo Talib, Aqib's mother, shot at Shannon Billings.

Based on that information warrants have been obtained for Aqib Talib for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and for Okolo Talib for aggravated assault with a deadly Weapon.

The charges are classified as second-degree felonies and carry a range of punishment of 5-20 years in prison. Okolo Talib turned herself into the Garland Jail this morning. She was booked in for the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. At the time of book-in an additional charge of felon in possession of firearm was also added based on a previous conviction. Bond was set at $25,000 for the aggravated assault charge and $5,000 for the possession of firearm charge.

Aqib Talib is scheduled to turn himself in sometime later this week on his warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Bond for that warrant is set at $25,000.

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